Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Dinners

     One thing that has brought people together for hundreds of years are family dinners. People come all around for a nice home cooked meal and the casual conversation that follows. Generally the bigger the group the better because someone always has something to talk about that will start other conversations. Having large dinners with your roommate and group of friends can really bring out a sense of community and togetherness.
     I try to eat dinner with my group of friends every night and especially on holidays. Before Christmas Break we all got together and made spaghetti with a homemade red sauce, garlic bread, and mixed vegetables. Having dinners like this may take up time but it is well spent. The best part about this is that everyone can have a different job. Tiff brought the plates, I made the sauce, Jess and Lizz cooked the noodles and garlic bread, Mike watched the vegetables, while Tom, Connor, and Cesar made the table. After the big meal we all exchanged gifts. There are many parts to a meal that can easily be split up to give everyone something to do. If the Jersey Shore cast can do it I'm sure anyone can.

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