Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Unknown Roommate

     Before I came to college I was really nervous to find out who my roommate was going to be. When I was filling out the personality questions I tried to answer as truthfully as possible, but I wondered if others were doing the same. I was worried if we would get along, if she would always blare her music, and if she was going to have her boyfriend in the room all the time, I wondered if she would be grumpy in the morning; I had a lot of concerns  when I first started looking for a roommate.

What were you worried about the most with your new roommate?


  1. I have had 2 instances like this.

    My first ever roommate was assigned to me and i was nervous as to how we would get along. However i got a phone call one day from the administration just days before moving in asking if i would like to switch roommates with another guy who apparently knew me. I had met him at orientation and he had seemed like a great guy, so i agreed to be his roommate.

    WORST mistake of my life up to that point.

    1: single-minded. if this guy believed something, even if it was false, nobody could convince him otherwise.

    2: nocturnal. this guy almost never slept. he would spend all night "writing" papers with his voice recognition headset WHILE i was TRYING to sleep.

    3: room hermit. this guy claimed the room as his personal cave. he took up the majority of the room, made it smell horrible to the point people 3 doors down couldnt stand it. (they still cant get that smell out of there). I was forced to seek to out the help of friends to stay in their rooms as much as i could to avoid my own.

    Thankfully this first situation only lasted about a semester before the guy was expelled for a buildup of minor and moderate infractions.

  2. My first roommate of this year went a lot better than the roommate in my other comment, but still there were problems.

    I had filled out the roommate questionnaire to obtain the most compatible roommate for me. Instead i was paired with somebody the exact opposite. I am a freshman, he is a sophomore. He is huge, muscular, and silent as a grave; while im skinny, shorter than him, and far more talkative. I knew from the beginning we werent going to be compatible, and so did his mother. Boy did she look at me in disgust on move-in day.

    because of these differences, he had sought to live off campus with a friend rather than spend the rest of the year paired with me.

  3. Andrew one thing to keep in mind is that it takes 2 people to make a friendship work, and some people are not there to make friends. I am sure that many people would want to live with you because you seem so outgoing. Don't let these couple of bad situations get you down because your perfect roommate is out there!
    My best advise for you would be to room with one of your friends next year because it has been proven that people are much happier with people they choose instead of being randomly assigned. Also lay down the rules early and write them down in a place that can be seen everyday, this way if there is a problem you can reference back to that and say we made a deal from the beginning.

  4. sooo I definitely did a random roommate and it was literally HELL. absolute hell.
    I got out after 2nd semester, but she was craaazzzyy. I don't think anyone should
    go random because it makes the semester quite long & stressful.

  5. There are definitely a lot of interesting people out there, it seems like they are especially noticeable in college. I'm glad you were able to get out of that situation, because having a roommate that is extremely different from you can really mess up the year. What was she doing that made you want to switch before the year was up?