Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's The Set Up?

     My future roommate Tiff and I met today to talk about the layout of our room next year. Having a general plan of what the room is going to look like is a big deal when it comes to move in day. When I first moved in it was a mess because everyone had their stuff outside in the hallways making it impossible to walk around the dorms. Since so many people were lofting their beds all the tools were gone. The room was really hot for the first 2 week because the building wasn't air conditioned and I didn't have a fan with me.
     To avoid mass havoc this year Tiff and I have a plan. We are planning on lofting our beds right when we get there so I'm going to go grab the tools while she sets up the fan and refrigerator. After the beds are all set up we will bring in the rest of our bags so we don't have to maneuver around them. I am excited because I think this year is going to go very smoothly.

-Thought to take away: Have a plan!   

What are some ways that you are preparing for move in day?

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